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About Geólica
General Eólica Aragonesa S.A. is a company which is dedicated to the designing, building, exploitation and functioning as well as the maintenance of windfarms. 

Controlling all the phases from technical and environmental engineering to the functioning and maintenance of the completed and working systems allows General Eólica Aragonesa to maintain an adequate vision of the sector’s set of operations, which will help us anticipate the potential problems that may emerge in future developments. 

GEOLICA obtained administrative permission for its first Strategic Windfarms, which was approved by the Aragón’s Government according to the 26th February 1999’s order, published in the Official Newspaper of the region. 

GEOLICA is in charge of the promotion of more than 650 Megawatts and also carries out tasks of management, functioning and maintenance of 134.8 already built and functioning Megawatts. In turn GEOLICA can count on authorizations for the immediate start-up of 70 extra Mw.  
  • Election of the site.
  • Identification of the different technical and environmental conditions.
  • Installation of towers for the resources’ measuring.
  • Evaluation of the eolian potential.
  • Management of agreements with land owners.
  • Documentary control during the “Due diligence”
  • Documentary evidence of the technical and financial capacity.
  • Management of contracts of access to the network and purchasing of energy.
  • Administrative processing
Administrative processing
Knowing the administrative processing that a project of windfarms involves and keeping in permanent contact with the technicians to resolve the different doubts which might occur to them provides our documentation with more agility and reduces its duplication that contributes to its resolve. 
Legal capacity
The range of possible stumbling blocks of legal nature which an eolian park might have to face throughout its existence is wide. For this reason, a well-trained staff of legal consultants specialized in projects of windfarms contributes tremendously to the projects’ right process. 
Construction and set-up
  • Technical supervision during the construction.
  • Technical assistance of the construction’s steering.
  • Documentary revision during the construction phase.  
  Management during the exploitation
  • Negotiation of market contracts.
  • Monitoring of O&M contracts.
  • Development of exploitation’s reports for the associates.
  • Signing of purchasing contracts of energy with the distributor.
  Cooperation and maintenance
  • Expert staff.
  • Diagnosis staff.
  • Adequate training.
  • Tasks coordination.
  • Availability guarantee.
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